Gas Canister Checks & Safe Use

Two Videos by Advocates & IRC


 Detecting Dangerous Gas Canisters in Crowded Areas (English)

This video was made in Moria and describes a dangerous gas canister. Advocates now check gas products for Moria residents twice a week. Email us with any questions you have. 

Checking Gas Canisters & Bottles At Home (Farsi/English)

Screenshot 2016-11-29 02.31.43.png

Director Ariel Ricker and Humans4Humanity went into Moria camp to check, tent by tent, every gas canister and gas bottle in the entire camp following the fatal 24 Nov. explosion.

Checking Gas Canisters & Bottles At Home (Arabic/English)

These Arabic and Farsi language videos are designed to help every camp resident safely clean and test their gas cartridges and canisters using basic soap and water. 

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