International Rescue Committee (IRC):
This partnership brings together the experience and legal aid of Advocates with the high demand for assistance of IRC.

This partnership has resulted in legal and practical advice to be delivered even more rapidly. This response is provided through social media and real time response, including the IRC's online aid roadmap and Advocates field team presence and diverse expertise of European Union asylum practices and procedures.  



University of Baltimore Law School (UBL) Externship Program: 
Advocates created this program to provide the growing number of law students seeking opportunities to assist in an informed and supervised environment. The Externship Program Coordinator is Ms. Catherine Moore, who also serves as the UBL Coordinator for International Law Programs and Lecturer.

Through this collaboration, students linked their academic studies of international law, human rights, and humanitarian law to the current refugee crisis by assisting in the current case work of Advocates. 

This year long project led to a two week student trip to shadow Greece legal teams, in March 2017. More information on the current CICL Fellows can be found HERE.



Sea of Solidarity (SOS):  
Prior to Advocates attaining formal non-profit status, the fiscal sponsorship of SOS ensured necessary resources were available for critical legal aid work.

The combined efforts of SOS and Advocates resulted in over 200 legal aid missions completed in Greece and Turkey for asylum seekers and refugees in critical need. 

Today, Advocates and SOS collaborate as legal partners to continue providing legal aid to the more than 63,000 refugees than remain in Greece. Between field based missions and remote assistance from attorneys based in more than a dozen countries between Europe and North America, this critical and ongoing assistance includes critical short and long term human rights monitoring projects and specific case review all over the European Union and Turkey.


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