Welcome to Advocates Abroad

Our mission is to provide legal aid to every refugee and asylum seeker in need, without discrimination or compensation.


Advocates Abroad is a non-profit organization (NGO) with field, remote, and research teams dedicated to providing reliable, accurate, and free legal and non-legal assistance to any asylum seeker in need. 


Remote Advocates respond to online case requests from all over Europe and the Middle East, particularly from Greece, Turkey, and Syria. 

The remote team also supports and serves the Greece and Turkey- based field teams with interpreter services and research on complex legal requests. Online legal advice is provided through trained and qualified attorneys.


Research Advocates offer individualized interview prep packets, with focused research documenting state-specific human rights violations.

This team also produces policy papers, demonstrating in-depth research on relevant and crucial topics within this crisis, such as detention practices and family rights in wrongful death cases. Researchers are noted academics and human rights experts.


Advocates in the field operate in and around detention centers, refugee camps, and first reception centers throughout the Greek islands and mainland. In Turkey, Advocates operate on the western and south-eastern borders.

These three teams together provide consistent, relevant, and timely legal assistance and basic humanitarian aid.

Individual and group sessions are available for legal and non-legal information on asylum, detention, and related concerns.

All field and remote teams work with locally licensed attorneys. 

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