Welcome to Advocates Abroad


Advocates Abroad is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, comprised of 200 field and remote attorneys, interpreters, asylum experts.
These volunteers provide critical legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers.
All services are provided without discrimination or compensation. 



Advocates field attorneys operate throughout Greece, Turkey, and Switzerland - and now Italy. These Advocates attorneys on the ground in Northern Italy are a new and critical addition to European operations. 

Remote Advocate attorneys are widely diverse in background and placement - these attorneys are qualified in, and based out of, states around the world: the United States, Europe, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine. Remote attorneys have even provided in person aid to a refugee in need, where geography permitted.


Advocates began operations in Northern Greece, in February 2016, in response the growing call for legal aid from refugees denied entrance at the Idomeni border. 

Since then, Advocates have run 120 field missions in four countries. These missions of legal and non-legal aid that were provided often around the clock ensured that more than 12,000 refugees in Greece and 2,000 outside of Greece had been informed of their rights and their relevant asylum procedure.

The non-discriminatory nature of Advocate legal aid is clear from the diversity of refugees and asylum seekers assisted by Advocates. These individuals and families represent more than 25 states and nations from around the world with legal aid need in every part of the asylum procedure. 


Welcome to Advocates Abroad, where justice has no borders. 


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