Greek Legal Aid Clinics & Partnerships

Advocates Abroad provides free weekly legal aid clinics in Greece and on request in Italy. In Greece, clinics are held in OpenSpace (Lesvos), Imagine Center (Chios), Thinking Cafe & Clandestina Squat & STEPS (Athens), Oikopolis Hub & OCC (Thessaloniki, Polycastro).

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- OpenSpace is a rapidly growing hub based in Mytilene, Lesvos. It was originally built and continues to operate through the community spirit of volunteer, locals, and refugees on the island. Advocates provides clinics each week specific for the refugee volunteers of the hub, for female refugees, and for scheduled or walk in meetings with all other refugees.


- Imagine Project is a hub on Chios in which Advocates has operated for the past 27 months. The center is comprised of dedicated and trained volunteers who help refugees and asylum seekers to obtain skills that will serve them both during their application process and thereafter when granted protection. 


- Thinking Cafe & Clandestina Squat & STEPS are all located in central Athens and provide a space of respectful, private, and dignified discussion for all those in need. All serve to build the surrounding community for all residents of Athens. Advocates operates in these spaces to provide legal and non-legal aid to refugees, volunteers, established NGO/IGO staff and teams, and local officials.

- Οικόπολις (Oikopolis) Social Center and Open Cultural Center (OCC) in Thessaloniki and Polycastro are two well established and well organized hubs that serve diverse populations. Both aim to bring refugees, locals, and volunteers together for a range of cultural and recreational activities. Advocates provides legal and non-legal aid in both spaces.

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General Partnerships


Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) and Advocates Abroad collaborate most often on police brutality and civil rights violations claims in Greece to ensure asylum seekers are fully protected under the law and applicable fundamental human rights. This strong and valued partnership combines both the skill of experienced Greek human rights lawyers and the energy and versatility of attorneys from diverse backgrounds who often speak the two or three languages of many refugee populations.




AsyLex is a Swiss non-profit organisation, which supports asylum seekers in their procedure by providing free legal aid. All of Asylex activities are financed by donations. Advocates Abroad and Asylex have cooperated on a number of past and ongoing cases for refugees seeking protection and legal aid in Greece and Switzerland and Italy. 

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is an international non-governmental organisation championing secularism, human rights and equality, motivated by humanist values. IHEU and Advocates Abroad have linked global networks to further strengthen the efficiency and resources in crisis zones for rapidly deployed legal aid and medical professionals of Advocates Abroad.


The Coalition for Work With Psychotrauma and Peace (CWWPP) is working for the empowerment of people during or after armed conflict or with the potential for such conflict to take control of their own lives, particularly at grassroots level. From regional headquarters in Vukovar, the NGO works in eastern Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina on issues of psychological trauma, non-violent conflict resolution, reconciliation and civil society.


ARCI is an established Italian NGO that defends and developments the civil domestic and recreational space through clubs and other programs. Advocates Abroad and ARCI Pavia partner to bring the legal skills of Advocates to the established communal sphere built and supported by the ARCI Pavia program and its local teams.

Hano Hawaii is an alliance of nonprofit organizations based in Hawaii. Advocates Abroad has been a member since 2017, and continues to find inspiration from the other nonprofit organizations and ideology of aloha.

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