About Advocates Abroad

Advocates began operations in Northern Greece in February 2016, in response to the growing call for legal aid from refugees denied entrance at the Idomeni border. Since then, Advocates has run over 480 field missions in four countries. These missions of legal and non-legal aid that were provided often around the clock, ensured that more than 15,000 refugees in Greece and 2,500 outside of Greece have been informed of their rights.

Legal Advocate Field Teams in Greece

Advocates is currently running field missions on the Greek mainland, in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as on the islands of Chios, Samos, Lesvos and Leros. Advocates are trained to operate in crisis situations and to provide reliable, timely, and accurate legal aid. Accordingly, field teams run legal aid clinics in various locations, and also visit camps and shelters where refugees reside.  They provide critical assistance in preparing refugees and asylum seekers for their asylum interviews, and assist in family reunification applications and appeals. Advocates host information sessions for refugees and aid workers. We also document and report human rights abuses and violations. Greek Advocate attorneys provide court representation for asylum related claims.

Remote Team

The Remote Team consists of volunteer attorneys, many of whom previously served with us in the field, who are responsible for responding to questions and calls for support from refugees and asylum seekers submitted over Facebook and email.  The team provides answers and advice on the spot, or refers to field teams or third parties.

Research Team

The Research Team consists of legal professionals and law students who support our Field Teams by producing high quality research reports on human rights conditions and legal questions.  They focus both on country condition reports that are tailored to each asylum seeker’s individual claims, as well as on more overarching legal and human rights issues.

Interpreters and Translators

Advocates works with an indispensable group of volunteer translators and interpreters - both in the field and remotely - consisting of persons particularly skilled in one or more of the relevant languages as well as a group of dedicated refugee and asylum seekers in Greece.

Medical Advocacy Teams

Advocates has connected with a dedicated group of volunteer psychologists, trauma therapists and other medical professionals to attend to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers. They provide psychological evaluations and reports for asylum seekers, medical assistance, crisis intervention assistance, and support our Field Team members for their own mental health needs.

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